Tripp Underwood is the editor and blogger-in-residence for Thriving. He wrote about music for the Boston Globe before receiving his graduate degree in Journalism from Emerson College, but shortly after graduation he entered the world of pediatric blogging and hasn’t looked back since. He currently lives in a Brighton apartment once occupied by Ted Williams – one of the world’s greatest fisherman, a decent pilot and apparently some kind of ballplayer as well…

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Claire McCarthyClaire McCarthy, MD, has been both a primary care pediatrician and a writer for 20 years. Along with her writing for Thriving, she also blogs for the Huffington Post and She and her husband, who is a respiratory therapist at Boston Children’s, are raising five children. She speaks Spanish, devours books and loves to swim in her spare time. Follow her on Twitter @DrClaire.

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Tom Ulrich is a senior science writer at Boston Children’s Hospital, covering laboratory and clinical research innovations across the hospital. A former microbiologist, he decided a long time ago that he was better at talking and writing about science than actually doing science. He’s a father of two, an amateur photographer, and tweets about science and technology under the handle @scribbler_tom.

Michael RichMichael Rich, MD, MPH is Children’s media expert. He is the director of Children’s Center on Media and Child Health. Dr. Rich is a former Hollywood filmmaker whose goal is to provide science-based answers and practical solutions that can help the children in your life use media in ways that can enrich their development.

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